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Welcome to World2XPlane World2XPlane is an application under development which can be used to generate scenery for X-Plane ( using data from (OpenStreetMap).World2XPlane will add forests, regional houses and landmarks using a list of highly configurable rules. You want them up to date? You want them lush and full of houses, roads and trees? This is W2XP and it's the application you are going to want.

SBSR Sao Jose Rio Preto Airport. This is an X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 10 scenery package for Prof. Eribelto Manoel Reinoa Sao Jose do Rio Preto State Airport (IATA: SJP, ICAO: SBSR) is the airport serving Sao Jose do Rio Preto, SP, Brazil. World2XPlane - Download Link (or alternative) Hi all, As the official World2XPlane download is no longer available as the site/project has been closed down, I was wondering if anyone is able to put a copy of it on DropBox for me? Or if that isnt a posibility, then advise if there is an alternative to World2XPlane.


Please read the information below and the ReadMe of downloaded files carefully as it helps me to give a better support to users having real problems. Refer also to FAQ. 95 % of the normal questions are answered below, so don’t miss to read it. 😉


World2XPlane is a fantastic tool, written by Tony. It is an application for experienced users and under development. It can be used to generate sceneries for X-Plane using data from OpenStreetMap.

Sorry, but the website of world2xplane and also development and distribution of world2xplane has been stopped by the author. Original world-models 0.8.0 moved to

World2XPlane will add forests, regional houses and landmarks using a list of highly configurable rules. The model library used for regional buildings is opensource and available here below.

BUT: For the w2xp sceneries from you have to install the version from as I made few changes and corrections to the original library made by Tony.

w2xp files and versions for X-Plane 10

What sceneries are available?

  • w2xp world-models
    This is needed for all w2xp sceneries (except net, objects and aerials version), it’s the library for all sceneries, you have to update to the newest version from Please refer to the ReadMe for changes.
  • w2xp sceneries
    These are the “normal” w2xp sceneries, with smart exclusions included to allow autogen objects where OSM data is poor. Therefore it needs more performance than the osm version. These sceneries are available for every single continent, file size may be huge.
    Only for Europe: This is a mixed version between the normal and the osm version of Europe. Osm version is used for countries of Central Europe (France, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Switzerland), where OSM data is pretty good. Outside this area you have smart exclusions and additional autogen objects.
  • w2xp sceneries net
    Normal flyers don’t need it!! This version replaces your network like roads, railways, power lines, gondolas, drag lifts etc. with network derived from newest osm data, all network from sceneries below is disabled.
    No additional library needed.
  • VFR-Aerials
    generated from the OSM aerial ways like gondolas and lifts, for those who want to add these objects, e.g. helicopter pilots flying in the Alps. No additional library needed.
  • VFR-Landmarks
    meant for XP10/11 users with standard scenery or HD Mesh Scenery v3 installed to improve the look of standard XP with visual objects like chimneys, towers, churches, wind turbines, solar panel fields, flags, lighthouses, windmills, cranes, water towers, tanks, piers and boats.
    Needs OpenSceneryX and R2_Library in the same directory (Custom Scenery folder). You may download per continent or entire world.
  • VFR Addons
    available for Germany and some European countries these addons bring objects from the SketchUp 3D warehouse to your scenery, mostly sightseeing and other remarkable objects. A big win for VFR flyers, best on higher performant computers. Downloads are available under ‘VFR Addons‘.
  • Third party libraries
    These are needed to get w2xp sceneries running. Please refer to the ReadMe in the archive for further information which library to install and where to download.

Which sceneries are recommended?

This depends on the X-Plane version and sceneries installed:

  • using standard or HD Mesh Scenery
    for XP11 and XP10 users, the new VFR-Landmarks are a must-have, XP10 flyers should install the Europe_Library for Europe and may try the w2xp sceneries if they want a more realistic look.
  • using photo sceneries in XP10/XP11
    I recommend to use w2xp sceneries as they perfectly fit to photo sceneries
  • helicopter pilots flying in the mountains
    you should additionally install the VFR-Aerials to cover gondolas, lifts etc.

Getting the best performance

If you use w2xp_Europe (with autogen objects) and XP10 it’s a good idea to install the Europe_Library, which changes autogen (American style) objects to European style objects as you already have in this scenery for all objects generated of osm data.

Please use only one version of w2xp/osm sceneries: normal, osm or your own mixed version. Disable other versions you don’t need. Otherwise you’ll get incredible loading times. Disable also all other OSM sceneries. I’ve seen users having six nearly same sceneries installed and complained about loading times. 😉

Installing the sceneries is simple, just extract and copy the content of the downloaded archives into custom scenery folder, then start X-Plane and after ending X-Plane adjust the position of the entries in the, that’s it.

Having the right order is very important to have the best result. For the order of sceneries in scenery_packs.ini, please refer to FAQ.

If you discover performance lacks, try to decrease the settings for objects and roads. The higher the settings the more objects you get. Better fly with less objects running fast than many many objects running one frame per second. 😉

Disable the antivirus programm for all paths of X-Plane and all sceneries for reading. Make an exception for file protection (read mode) to exclude all paths. w2xp sceneries have a huge amount of files inside, this may result in a very large loading time if you don’t follow this.


Now you’ve read the whole stuff and have the most important information, you can go on with the download. If you like the sceneries and my work, buy me a beer – or get me drunk. 😉

Europe Library XP10

The Europe Library by LyAvain adds European style objects to your X-Plane 10. Only in Europe, outside XP10 will remain▼


This is a special version, containing only the aerial ways derived from OSM data.That means only drag lifts, chair lifts,▼


This scenery adds generic vfr objects derived from OSM data, i.e. objects like chimneys, radio masts and communication towers, churches,▼

w2xp sceneries net XP10

World2xplane Tutorial

This scenery adds network derived from newest osm data, roads, railways, power lines, gondolas, drag lifts and so on. This▼

w2xp sceneries XP10

w2xp sceneries are sceneries based on osm data, which nearly show buildings and objects like it is in reality. Best▼

w2xp world-models XP10

Adapted version from world-models available from It works with all other w2xp sceneries available, even the PRO versions.There are some▼

World2xplane Files


Here are some screenshots showing photo sceneries ZL17 (Ortho4XP) and w2xp sceneries. If you haven’t installed photo sceneries, the result may look different.

World2xplane Download

Germany Lake Constance Lindau
Germany Lake Constance Friedrichshafen
Switzerland Walensee

USA New York
USA New York
USA New York

USA Chicago
USA Chicago
USA Boston

Switzerland Rhine
Germany Zugspitze
Germany Zugspitze

Germany Sylt
Germany Sylt
Germany Sylt

Germany Stralsund
Germany St. Peter-Ording
Switzerland Zuerich

Germany Bremen
Germany Foehr
Germany Helgoland

Switzerland Zuerich
Switzerland Zuerich
Switzerland Mollis

Switzerland Malans
Austria Zirl
Austria Innsbruck

Austria Innsbruck
Austria Innsbruck
Austria Kitzbuehel

Switzerland Lichtenau
Austria Seefeld
Austria Telfs

Austria Hohe Salve
Italy Livorno
Great Britain Jersey

Great Britain Guernsey
Spain Barcelona
Spain Barcelona

Germany Lake Constance Langenargen
Germany Lake Constance Konstanz
Germany Lake Constance Konstanz

Germany Lake Constance Friedrichshafen
Germany Lake Constance Friedrichshafen
Germany Bodensee

Switzerland Lake Constance Altenrhein Airport LSZR
Germany Lake Constance Mainau
Austria Lake Constance Bregenz

Switzerland Rhine Lake Constance
Switzerland Lake Constance

Dundee Airport is located 3 km (1.9 mi) from the centre of Dundee, Scotland or, for navigation purposes, 0.5 NM (0.93 km; 0.58 mi) south of the city. It lies on the shore of the Firth of Tay and overlooks the Tay Rail Bridge.

Dundee Airport is the closest airport to the championship golf courses at St Andrews, Gleneagles and Carnoustie. The airport was opened in 1963 on land reclaimed from the Firth of Tay. Originally it had a 900 m (2,953 ft) grass runway. The first scheduled air service began on 5 July 1966, with a service to Glasgow. A fortnight later a feeder service was added for Turnhouse and Prestwick. The service was stopped on 31 October 1967 after British Eagle reported 10,000 losses. Around this time the control of Dundee City Council changed from Labour to Conservative and the airport was closed and the land used by Dundee University as playing fields. When control of the Council changed back again to Labour the airport was reopened.

Made in X-Plane using Custom Objects & Object Libraries.

You Will Need The Current Versions Of The Following Libraries:

3D People Library (3D_PEOPLE_LIBRARY.ZIP), CDB library (CDB_LIBRARY.ZIP), Ground Textures Library (GT_LIBRARY.ZIP), The Handy Object Library (THE_HANDY_OBJECTS_LIBRARY.ZIP), MisterX Library (MISTERX_LIBRARY.ZIP), World Model Library (WORLD2XPLANE.ZIP), OpenSceneryX (OPENSCENERYX.ZIP), PM Object Library (PM_LIBRARY.ZIP), and RuScenery (RUSCENERY.ZIP).

W2xp Scenery

By Paul Mort.