Wired Gps Tracker For Car

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A GPS Tracker Device for your car can be great for security and peace of mind.

Coban Vehicle GPS Tracker Tk102b Car GSM Gprs Tracking Devices with Hard-Wired Charge TrackmateGPS DASH T11 4G/LTE GPS tracker for Vehicles. Real Time,Hard Wired, Kill Switch, Door Lock/Unlock- No Contract - 24/7 Online Activation - US customer service. Wired-421D GPS tracker for dealers with no monthly fees Monitor your assets with our reliable wired GPS tracker. Designed for auto finance, buy here pay here and car dealerships to track their assets. The Wired-421D tracker is a small, durable 4G tracker. Our service has no monthly fees and no contracts. MasTrack wired GPS vehicle trackers are used by families to encourage driver safety and promote responsible driving habits. 24 x 7 unlimited hardwired car GPS tracking access gives peace of mind to parents keeping an eye on their teen drivers and families monitoring the location of an aging loved one. A reliable 4G hardwired tracker The Wired-421 can be used to track vehicles and equipment with accuracy. It is a reliable, cost-effective solution for tracking vehicles and assets. Easily track employees, cars or assets with our cloud-based apps. The Wired-421 can be tracked from a web browser or any iOS or Android device.

Let’s say you’ve bought a car for a family member, and you want to know where they are in case of an emergency, or you run a fleet of vehicles that needs to keep track of those vehicles 24/7.

If you want to monitor a car or see where it has been—be it your own, a loved one’s, or a company vehicle—a GPS Tracker for your car is what you need.

In this article, we’re going to help you learn all about GPS Tracking for cars, which devices are best, and why it’s important to use one for your own car.

We’ll also provide some things to consider like, best hidden installation locations, and important features when choosing the best vehicle tracking device.

Lastly, we’ll introduce you to one of, if not, the Best Car GPS Tracker with No Monthly Fee on the market!

17 Reasons to Use a GPS Tracker for Car
7Important Features of a GPS Tracker
8Trakkit™: Why Trakkit is the Best GPS Tracker
9Best Locations to Hide a Vehicle Tracking Device
9.1Front of Radiator Installation
10How Trakkit GPS Communicates
11Trakkit™ GPS Features:
12Easy to Set Up Your Trakkit GPS

Are you looking for a GPS Tracking device for your Vehicle?

How about one that can be 12v hardwired, and has No Monthly Fees.

7 Reasons to Use a GPS Tracker for Car

#1: Security, Anti-Theft

Having a GPS tracker will provide security, and peace of mind since the car’s location can be monitored at any time. So, if your car is stolen, you can get an alert and track its location.

Some GPS tracking devices boast advanced features like an automatic alert to the nearest police station contingent upon an accident or built-in access to emergency help. This is particularly helpful for rental vehicle businesses as their passengers will feel more confident knowing the car is being monitored.

#2: Improves Workforce Productivity

Commercial Vehicles can use GPS trackers to allow the business owners to effectively monitor routes, personnel, reduce idle time, better scheduling, thereby improving productivity.

#3: Lowers Carbon Footprint

A GPS tracker for a car gives you information on the best and shortest route, saving on your fuel consumption. Also, taking shorter routes is a great way to minimize carbon emissions. And not just that, automated reports will further save paper, meaning you’re saving the trees as well.

#4: Happy Customers

Car GPS trackers offer delivery tracking in real-time, providing detailed information about the exact location of the delivery truck. This data can be used to provide clients an estimated time of arrival of their stuff. Sharing this data will certainly satisfy your customers and make them want to use your service again in the future.

#5: Saves Money

Setting up a vehicle tracker on your fleet offers several benefits. Reports generated by the tracker will help you evaluate the attendance and performance of your employees. No more needless overtime just because an employee got lost and it took them forever to deliver the goods.

You can also give your client appropriate billing information.

Lower insurance cost, some insurance agencies provide a discount of 25% or more if your car has a tracking device installed.

#6: Helps Secure Your Assets

A vehicle GPS tracker will help prevent thieves from driving away with your stuff.

Wired gps tracker for cars no monthly fee

If your car, truck, or trailer is equipped with a GPS tracker, you may be able to locate and recover your items in case of theft.

#7: Improves Communication

A GPS vehicle tracking system logs data on your car’s arrival and departure time at particular places, so there is no need to call the driver or the office that the given task is completed, which reduces costs on phone bills and other administrative operations.

12 Volt Hardwired GPS Tracker for many Vehicles Types

A hardwired GPS tracker is great for your vehicle because there is no need to change batteries, and you can install it in a permanent location and get the best performance.

You can install it and forget about it. Then follow your vehicle’s location and its previous tracks from the free Trakkit App or desktop browser.

A simple 2 wire connection can be routed directly to the battery terminals, or tapped into the fuse panel usually near the battery.

Real-time Vehicle Tracking without Monthly Fees

No one wants to pay monthly fees for using a vehicle GPS tracking device. Most trackers say they include 1 year of service, then you need to pay a fee to “recharge” the sim card for the next year.

This can be a headache and expense that you may not want, and it adds up if you need to track more than one vehicle.

In addition, the Trakkit GPS tracker can record or log the routes taken by the vehicle and automatically upload the data when it returns home.

The data recorded includes time, location, speed, heading, and voltage. The voltage can also allow for monitoring the vehicle battery and Engine-On hours or run-time, allowing for preventative maintenance (with optional power cable).

Best GPS Tracking Device for Trucks and Heavy Equipment

Trakkit GPS is perfect for Trucks, Vans, and Fleets, and Heavy Equipment, and Vehicles of all sizes.

In the picture shown above, you can see the GPS tracker and the waterproof, magnetic case attached to the metal frame just in front of the radiator of a heavy-duty tractor truck.

The Power Cable can then be routed along the metal bracket and connected to the battery bridge terminal on the passenger side of the truck above the wheel well.

In some cars or trucks, if the brackets in front of the radiator are aluminum, then just flip the magnetic case upside down and use industrial velcro or wire ties to attach.

There are many advantages to a GPS tracking system for your vehicle. We have shown you one of the better ones that don’t require a monthly fee.

As a Heavy Equipment GPS Tracker, you can use Trakkit to Log/Record where your equipment has traveled and for how long. For example, you get billed for work done in certain areas, so you want to be sure the equipment has covered that area that you are billed for.

These Logs could then be automatically uploaded, via WiFi, to your account and viewed on the map, or you could even retrieve the Logs in the field by using your phone’s mobile hotspot.

Monitor All Your Vehicles on One Account

See all your vehicles and monitor the logs, and even set Alerts and Geo-Fence
for each vehicle. Also, each vehicle GPS tracking device you install can be viewed from the same account.

Use a desktop browser or cell phone to manage your GPS tracking devices for each vehicle.

One of the best vehicle GPS tracking devices you can find with No Monthly or Yearly Fees.

Important Features of a GPS Tracker

#1: GPS Logging (Stealth) vs. GPS Tracking (Real-Time)

Passive GPS trackers (GPS Loggers) store data in the unit itself. This data can be uploaded automatically or retrieved once the car returns home.

On the other hand, a real-time GPS car tracker transmits its location immediately (when a signal is available), but may not always have a signal in some areas.

It’s best to choose a GPS tracker that does both Logging and Real-time Tracking.

#2: Low Cost (No Subscription)

The expenses included in passive and real-time GPS solutions are almost identical. Although many assume the costs of real-time vehicle GPS tracking are higher compared to passive solutions, with enhanced infrastructure and technology, the costs of these devices have reduced dramatically.

However, almost all GPS Trackers have a monthly or yearly cost. See below for a gps tracker without subscription or monthly fees.

#3: Access Control and User Management

Best hidden gps tracker for car hardwired

If you own a fleet vehicle, working on the access control, user management, and commercial end are essential features of car management in your everyday business activities. With these nifty features, you can make addition and modification to each user profile.

Furthermore, you can control your access privileges via roles. You can assign one or multiple roles to a user. On top of that, you can categorize specific users into a group and view data related to the entire group.

#4: Notifications & Alerts

Real-time alerts and notifications are critical, and this is possible with all GPS trackers. These devices allow anyone to track cars 24/7.

#5: Accidents

When it comes to accidents, a GPS Tracker may record information such as the car’s speed, direction, and time as well as transmit in real-time the last known location.

#6: Easy Installation

When choosing a GPS tracker for your vehicle, you should consider the ease of installation and maintenance. Your device should be handy and installed beneath your car’s dashboard, under a seat, or in the trunk.

There are four comprehensive types of GPS: Portable Outdoor GPS, Marine GPS, Car Navigation GPS, and the GPS/PDA hybrid. Opt for the standard GPS tracker that can be easily installed, is small, and lightweight.

If you are considering buying a GPS tracker, take these considerations into account. To ensure the safety and security of your possessions, choose a car tracking GPS device that meets all the above-mentioned criteria.

The next step is to help you find the Best GPS Tracker for Car in 2021. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Trakkit™: Why Trakkit is the Best GPS Tracker

Hidden GPS Tracker for Car (No Monthly Fee)

Trakkit is one of the few Car GPS Trackers with no monthly fee or yearly subscription renewal. It offers an innovative solution for vehicle tracking and uses Wi-Fi rather than Cellular for GPS Tracking—including motion detection, and alerts.
See how the Trakkit WiFi GPS Tracker works.

Best Locations to Hide a Vehicle Tracking Device

Most GPS Trackers need to be installed in a hidden location, but not all hidden locations are good places to install a GPS Tracker.

Let’s take a look at popular locations to install a GPS Tracking Device.

  1. Under the Dash. This is a great location however, the install time and expense are considerable because you need to take parts of your dash apart or hire a professional.
    You would need to hardwire the Tracker unless you want to dig under your dash just to change the batteries.
  2. In the Trunk. This is a good location, but may easily be discovered, and is difficult to hard-wire since there are no 12-volt wires to connect to. Be careful as the heat inside the trunk can damage the lithium batteries used by all GPS Trackers.
  3. Outside the car in a wheel well. You can use a magnetic case and attach it to the inside wheel well, without having access to the inside of the car.
  4. In Front of the Radiator.This is one of the best hidden locations for Trakkit GPS, since it offers the best performance, and is easy to install.
    Also, no one will easily suspect a tracker in front of the radiator, and the ability to hard-wire is easy because the battery terminals or fuse box are close by.
    This also keeps the internal batteries of the GPS from being exposed to the extreme heat inside the car or trunk.
    Because of its small size, (only 2.25″L x 1.3″W x .75″H), Trakkit is very easy to conceal, this makes Trakkit the best hidden GPS tracker for a car.

Front of Radiator Installation

Most vehicles have radiators, and we’ve found it is the best location for our tracker, for a few reasons:

Easy to Install

Most other trackers require you to install the tracker in your dash which means taking the inside of your car apart or having to hire someone to help. You can install it standing up, no need to crawl underneath the vehicle or under the dash.

Best Hidden Gps Tracker For Car Hardwired

By installing in front of the radiator, you may only need to lift the cover plate or facia grill to attach the tracker, with a magnetic case, to the braces that run in front of the car’s radiator.


We have tested many locations and the performance is the best for our tracker when installed in the front area of the vehicle.


We discovered this location by accident when we noticed the support braces around the front of the radiator are perfect to attach the magnetic tracker case to. So, we tried it and saw great results.

Not many people realize a tracker can be in front of the radiator area. So, this makes it perfect as a hidden location for your tracker.

How Trakkit GPS Communicates

Trakkit receives GPS satellite signals to pinpoint the location, then communicates or transmits that location over WiFi.

Since most GPS trackers are capable of broadcasting “real-time location” using the same technology your phone does to make a call or connect to the internet, they require a monthly subscription fee.

WiFi Enabled GPS Tracker (No Sim, No Cellular)

Trakkit is a true WiFi GPS Tracker, which can also track your location in real-time using WiFi Location Tracking methods even if GPS signals are not available.

You can also upload logged information and data to the cloud over Mobile Hotspot or Wi-Fi connection (faster).

You can Track a Car without GPS

There are a few ways to track a car without using a GPS:

  • A radio signal transmitter requires special equipment for both the tracker and receiver.
  • Cellular signals will work too, but only give a broad area location, maybe a mile or two, and uses more battery than other methods.
  • Trakkit also uses WiFi location based on the location of the router that is closest and can track a car wherever wifi exists (which is just about everywhere).

Trakkit allows you to track a car even without GPS, using WiFi only, in case the GPS signal is lost or jammed.

Trakkit™ GPS Features:

  • Real-time Tracking and Data Logging of GPS Location
  • Hardwired – Trakkit can be hardwired and offers a permanent install.
  • Hidden – small enough to be hidden in most areas of a vehicle
  • Easy Install – don’t take your dash apart, Trakkit can go under the hood
  • No Monthly Fee – Trakkit has no monthly fees or yearly subscriptions
  • Battery Backup – internal battery backup is necessary in case the vehicle battery dies or is disconnected.
  • Non-Rechargeable Batteries – you can replace the batteries immediately, no need to re-charge


  • GPS Logging/Tracking, Motion detection, and Alerts
  • Automatically uploads log data to your office/home Wi-Fi
  • Long battery life (lasts for months)
  • Runs on 2 Energizer AAA Lithium Batteries (pre-installed)
  • Comes with a micro USB port for external power use
  • Works without Cell Service or SIM card
  • Best Hidden GPS Tracker for Car with No Monthly Fees.

For Parents (Kids Backpacks):

  • Better security for your children
  • Small enough to put it in your kid’s backpack
  • Works as a Personal GPS Tracking Device, Hiking, etc.

For Travelers (Suitcase and Luggage):

  • Put one in your Suitcase or Luggage
  • Trakkit will find your bag outside the country
  • Works in any region as GPS and Wi-Fi are Global standards
  • The Proximity feature of the app helps you locate your travel bag in the airport terminal

For Motorcycles and Bikes:

  • Conceal it on your Motorcycle or Bike
  • Automatically connects to your Mobile Hotspot or Wi-Fi to send an alert if the bike moves
  • If your bike gets stolen, Trakkit will send you its current location

Access from Anywhere

The Trakkit App for iOS and Android connects to your Trakkit GPS device via Wi-Fi and the internet. You can also access your Trakkit from web browsers.

Trakkit gives you Alerts on location change or vibration/movement. It provides the last location of your device, can auto-upload GPS logs using your smartphone’s Wi-Fi or hotspot, and sends auto-alert to the Trakkit™ community if the device gets stolen.

You can further set a geo-fence zone to define the safe or regular area. This way, whenever your Trakkit moves outside the specified area, you’ll receive an alert.

Easy to Set Up Your Trakkit GPS

Setting up Trakkit is as easy as it gets. Simply download and install the app from Google Play or App Store and follow the steps mentioned below.

Before we get started, you should know that the Trakkit app lets you activate your account and register new devices, receive notifications, tracking alerts, and firmware updates, and manage your subscription. You can also use the web app at trakkit.us.

Step 1: Sign Up and Add Your Trakkit GPS

Upon installation, hit the Sign Up button to create your Trakkit account. On the main menu, select Add Device, type in the MAC ID (check the back of your Trakkit), and choose a Name. Do this for all your new Trakkits.

Step 2: Connect to Your Trakkit GPS

Plug-in the micro USB cable to put your Trakkit GPS into Wi-Fi Setup Mode, this is required for the first-time activation. Once the lights are flashing, jump to the third and final step.

Wired Gps Trackers For Car

If you notice a solid yellow light, gently double-tap the Trakkit until a blue light shows up, then double-tap again (within 5 seconds), and the yellow light should start flashing.

Step 3: Configure Your Trakkit GPS

  • Open your Phone’s Wi-Fi settings and look for “Trakkit-XXXX” (the “XXXX” represents your MAC ID)
  • Connect to it
  • Once connected, Open the Trakkit App and you will see the Setup page.
  • Type or copy-paste the SSID and Password of your Home Wi-Fi and select Add Profile
  • When finished, select Test Profile to see if the profile works.

Your Trakkit GPS is now ready to use!

Try Trakkit GPS for Your Car or Truck

We’ve shown the features that make Trakkit the best GPS Tracker for car, and trucks.

For some, it has done wonders as people can be at peace, knowing the whereabouts of their loved ones. For businesses, it’s become the third eye, and nothing can be booted from it—be it everyday business tasks or analysis of bundles of data. It also helps in saving costs and brings efficiency to your business operations.

However, GPS trackers are often used to spy on others, which may be illegal in some states. In fact, some jurisdictions and states have cyberstalking laws that precisely address GPS tracking. If you have any legal concerns, seek advice from a professional.

Even in the case of tracking an employee or a teen driver, the main goals are safety, efficiency, and accountability, not spying.

Typically, if you own the vehicle, you can track it.


Is there a GPS tracker with no monthly fee?

Yes, Trakkit GPS really has no monthly fee.
Many GPS Trackers say they have no monthly fee, but charge you a $120 fee minimum after one year. Just divide that yearly fee by 12 and you have a monthly fee.

Some trackers may have no monthly fee, but they are just GPS Loggers, no real-time tracking.

Where would you hide a GPS tracker on a car?

Inside rear bumber, front bumper. In the trunk between the speaker grills. Just in front of the radiator is one of the best places to install Trakkit GPS Tracker.
Easy to install and hidden.

iTrail GPS Logger
LandAirSea Tracking Key 2
VyncsPro GPS Tracker

GPS tracking devices for cars are useful to monitor your vehicle and protect it from theft or unauthorized use, especially the hidden GPS trackers for car. These car GPS trackers allow you to track the real-time location of your car even when you’re not in it. You can also get help from the tracking devices when you find yourself stuck on an unknown road. However, most GPS trackers for cars come with monthly fees which can quickly add up the cost within a couple of months. Are you looking for the best car GPS tracker with no monthly fee? Let’s now look at the top 8 best car tracking devices include the hidden GPS tracker no monthly fee that you can enjoy without having to pay monthly fees.

1 iTrail GPS Logger - Most Cost-Effective Vehicle Tracking Device No Monthly Fee

iTrail GPS Logger is one of the best tracking devices for vehicles with no monthly fee. Coming with a built-in rechargeable 750mAh Li-ion battery, it can last up to 120 hours after a full charge. The tracker has a motion activation. It only records data when it moves, which ensures that the battery lasts longer and makes it easier to find useful information in all of the data that it collects. If you want to check the device’s trajectory, just retrieve and plug it into your computer to get the information.


  • Dimensions: 1.5' x 1.5' x 0.5'
  • Weight: 1.3 oz
  • Color: Black
  • Battery: Built-in rechargeable 750mAh Li-ion battery
  • Battery Life: 16 hours
  • Memory Capacity: 120 hours of data, 64Mb memory
  • Acquisition time: &'lt; 35 seconds
  • Computer System Requirements: PC with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7
  • Port: USB 1.1 or 2.0

The iTrail GPS tracking devices can record location, speed, time, and the software can display all the information on a user-friendly interface powered by Google Maps and Google Earth. You can find exactly where it was before because the data is accurate within two feet. Besides, there is a specialized iTrail Magnetic Case (Price is $24.99) for you to securely install the iTrail underneath your vehicle for covert tracking.

What We Like:
Built-in motion detection to conserve battery life.
2 LED indicators for power/status notifications.
Easily hide in a car with a small and compact design.
Multiple report formats (HTML, PDF, MS-Word, CSV, and more).
Water-resistant for outdoor use.
What We Dislike:
Not compatible with Windows 10, Mac or Linux.
When viewing on the map, it shows up slow and also cannot go backwards to watch route, only forward, so if miss something, you have to replay the entire thing again.
Not real-time tracking.
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2 LandAirSea Tracking Key 2 - Best Hidden GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee

This LandAirSea GPS Tracking Key is one of LandAirSea’s best hidden GPS tracker for car no monthly fee products up to date. It has no monthly monitoring service fees and requires no contracts. It can be placed inside, outside or underneath a car thanks to its integrated magnetized, water-resistant mount. It is perfect for parents who want to keep an eye on their teenagers’ driving, or employers who want to see where their employees are driving.


  • Dimensions: 3.80” x 1.46” x 1.34”
  • Weight: 4.8 oz
  • Battery: Two AAA batteries
  • Battery Life: 20 hours
  • Memory Capacity: Approx. 100 hours of driving time
  • Acquisition Time: Every second
  • Housing Material: Water-resistant ABS plastic
  • Operating Systems Supported: Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Mac
  • Mount Type: Exterior magnet on GPS tracker

It requires two AAA batteries to power the device. And it can provide up to 2 weeks of battery life on two hours of driving time per day. Up to 100 hours of a vehicle’s location data can be stored in the internal flash memory. To view the GPS data logs, just retrieve and plug it into Windows computer or Mac. With the advanced monitoring capabilities, it can record the complete movement of a vehicle, including route(s) traveled, stops, stop duration, physical addresses, speed, mileage and more.

What We Like:
Easy to use.
View in Google Maps and Google Earth for easy, accurate tracking.
Water resistant design tracks in any weather.
Magnet mounting for covert placement under vehicles.
Compatible with Mac and PC.
View in Google Maps and Google Earth for easy, accurate tracking.
The device accurately determines the GPS location of the device within 2.5 meters and records detailed travel activities every second.
What We Dislike:
Size is bigger and weight is heavier.
It does not have an on/off switch and the vehicle has to be moving for a block or two before it will start the first time.
It doesn’t work in real-time.
Wired Gps Tracker For Car
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3 VyncsPro GPS Tracker - Best Real Time Tracking Device No Monthly Fees

VyncsPro GPS Tracker is one of the top GPS tracker for car with App in Vyncs. It is a 3G OBD-II real-time car GPS tracker. It is perfect to track your teen drivers, kids, and family members in real-time to keep them safe. Coming with a state-of-the-art accelerometer, it can detect unsafe driving, such as rapid acceleration or braking. You can view these events where they happened from the map. Just need to pay $29.9 for a one-time network activation fee to get a free SIM card, 1 year of data plan, and 1 year of service.

Wired Gps Tracker For Car


  • Dimensions: 2.9” x 2” x 1”
  • Weight: 2.4oz
  • Color: Grey
  • Battery: No
  • Data history: 1 year
  • Acquisition time: 60 seconds

VyncsPro GPS Tracker draws power from OBD-II port, so there is no battery needed. It comes with 60 sec GPS, Live Map refreshing map automatically when the vehicle moves. Besides, there are real-time Geofence zone, OBD diagnostics, maintenance, recall, fuel economy, and other features. It goes to sleep after car ignition is off but wakes up once in every hour (when the car ignition is off) to update location in your account and then goes back to sleep again.

What We Like:
Reliable real-time GPS tracking.
Loaded with other useful features.
No monthly fee.
It comes with web account and Android/iOS apps.
Setup is easy.
No need to charge.
What We Dislike:
You need to pay $74.99 renew for the 2nd year.
Cannot hide it in the car.

4 GPSit1000BZL LTE Vehicle Tracking Device - Most Durable Vehicle GPS Tracker without Monthly Fee

GPSit1000BZL Vehicle Tracking Device is said to be the most affordable fleet tracking solution with no monthly fee in the market. GPSit allows fleet owners to utilize a robust fleet management system to track vehicle movements and stops, reduce fuel usage, monitor speeding and excessive idling times as well as identifying unauthorized use of vehicles. Powered with the aid of standard car vigor (12V or 24V), so you need not worry about the battery.


  • Dimensions: 4” x 2” x 0.7”
  • Weight: 5 oz
  • Color: Black
  • Battery: No need
  • Acquisition time: 120 seconds

It is a real-time GS tracker. When the vehicle is moving, it sends location updates every 2 minutes. When the vehicle stops, it updates the server every a few hours. All the events are instantaneously reported to the server. You can set a geofence and it will alert when the car is on a particular route.

What We Like:
Setting up notifications and boundaries is super easy.
The tech support was very helpful and quick to respond.
Geo-fence is useful.
Great for teen drivers.
What We Dislike:
You need to pay $99 annually after the first year.
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5 JLEKONG GPS Tracker - Most Multifunctional GPS Tracker for Car No Monthly Fee

JLEKONG GPS Tracker is perfect for tracking vehicles with free monthly fee. It is also good for tracking teens, spouses, elderly persons or assets, enjoy traveling that don't need to worry about pets. Only need to pay GSM 2G SIM card's fee of calling and data. About 30M data for a month by using 24hrs a day, without any data plan. You can know the place at any time and place by phone's Amber360 APP.

Optimus Gv50ma Wired Gps Tracker For Cars And Trucks

Wired Gps Tracker For Car

Hard Wired Gps Tracker For Car


Wired Gps Tracker For Cars

  • Dimensions: 1.8” x 1.3” x 0.6”
  • Weight: 4.8 oz
  • Color: Black/White/Blue
  • Battery: 1 Lithium-ion battery required
  • Supported operating systems: Support Android 2.3 and above system, iOS 5.0 and above
  • Waterproof Level: IP67

It provides real-time tracking. You can remotely monitor your car, kids, elders, or pets with Amber360 APP on your phone. It comes with multiple functions, such as dual-calling, SOS one key emergency function, geofence alert to make it a reliable tracking device.

What We Like:
Stylish design.
Real-time tracking.
The tracker can provide elder people, children, pets and any other valuables for real precision and safe location tracking to anti-loss.
A high level of waterproof level makes it can be used any in wet and rainy environments.
Long standby time: Up to 5 days of using 24 hours a day. The battery can use about 3 to 4 years of life.
What We Dislike:
Must work by the GSM 2G network.
You need to buy a CDMA card.

6 VyncsFleet GPS Tracker - Best Fleet GPS Tracking Device

VyncsFleet is one of the best fleet GPS tracking device. It is a 3G and 2G real-time fleet GPS tracker that can monitor any number of vehicles. The VyncsFleet dashboard is designed for commercial fleet owners and fleet managers. It supports multiple sub-fleets with multiple managers and access controls. VyncsFleet provides a default 3-minute GPS update rate and the update rate can be upgraded to 60, 30 or 15 seconds. All the trips can be recorded in real-time. You can also download the trip table summary data into Excel format. Like other Vyncs products, the high accurate state-of-the-art GPS and accelerometer chip can detect unsafe driving such as speeding, rapid acceleration, harsh braking, and rough cornering. You can set a Geo zone, then you will get departure and arrival notifications for your vehicles.


  • Dimensions: 2.6” x 1.7” x 0.9”
  • Weight: 2.4 oz
  • Color: Grey
  • Battery: No need
  • Data history: 1 year
  • Acquisition time: 180/60/30/15 seconds

VyncsFleet GPS Tracker draws power from OBD-II port. That means no painful charging and recharging of the device. Coming with a car motion detector, it goes to sleep after car ignition is off but wakes up once every hour to update location. As VyncsPro, you need to pay a $29.99 activation fee for the first year and $99.99 renewal fee for the 2nd year.

What We Like:
It can monitor any number of vehicles.
Real-time GPS tracking.
Comes with web account & Android/iOS apps.
Provides many features for commercial fleets.
What We Dislike:
You need to pay a $99.99 renewal fee after the first year.

7 Automatic Connected Car Assistant AUT-450C - Best Assistant Tracking Device for Car

As one vehicle tracking device no monthly fee, the Automatic Connected Car Assistant helps you know more about your car and worry less on the road. It provides real-time GPS car tracking, engine light diagnostics, 24/7 roadside assistance, 24/7 emergency services if a severe crash is detected, and so on. The real-time vehicle tracking, location sharing, parked car locator with notifications make it great for teens, seniors and small businesses. The free unlimited 3G service on Automatic Connected Car Assistant allows you to keep tracking your car’s location even when you are not in the car.


  • Dimensions: 1.7” x 2” x 1”
  • Weight: 1.2 oz
  • Color: Black and blue
  • Battery: No need

Automatic Connected Car Assistant also gets power from the OBD-II port. As a diagnostic tool, it helps you detect and fix minor mechanical issues. It also can be used to take care of more complicated vehicle disorders. This car tracking device collects all the driving history, so people who love collecting statistics about their driving will certainly enjoy having this tool.

What We Like:
Easy to install.
It provides comprehensive data about your driving habits.
Clean and attractive app and web interface.
Free and unlimited vehicle tracking.
Premium services are free for the first 6 months, then $5/month.
What We Dislike:
Crash detection is unreliable.
It can be used in the US only, no international service available.

8 Munster GPS Car GPS Live Tracker - Best Double Battery Vehicle GPS Tracker without Monthly Fee

The Munster GPS Car GPS Live Tracker is one of the best vehicle GPS trackers without a monthly fee. The tracker is ideal for fleet tracking or fleet management as well as private car tracking and motorcycle tracking because it has both web portal and app for desktop and mobile tracking of each vehicle, including route history. You will know where your car or fleet is at all time using this GPS car tracker. The tracker receives signals from sky satellites and sends location information over the internet. The car GPS live tracker’s location is uploaded every 3 minutes. The Geofence function allows you to set up a virtual fence and if the tracker goes beyond this range, it sends an alert to your phone. You can set the maximum speed to any number and there will be an alert sent to your phone with the current speed, location, time and date if your car is speeding. You can check the route history during your journey.

Hidden Wired Gps Tracker For Car


  • Dimensions: 1.7” x 2” x 1”
  • Color: Black
  • Battery: 5000mAh Lithium-ion battery
  • Acquisition time: 180 seconds
  • Waterproof level: IP65

The GPS tracking device is small enough to be hidden anywhere in the vehicle. There is a powerful magnet that can be quickly fixed to the chassis. The battery life is up to six weeks, or it can be connected to the vehicle's 12/24 volts using a converter. There is a SIM card already installed and ready to go when you purchase this tracker. The SIM card is free for about 12 months. If you want to use it for another 12 months, you can add data to your SIM card using the unique user name and password. This will cost about thirty pounds a year.

What We Like:
The SIM card is free for the first year.
No binding contract.
Real-time GPS tracking.
Double battery.
What We Dislike:
The tracker can only be used in the UK and across Europe.