Wifi Dead Zone In House

Posted By admin On 18/01/22

We all have them virtual WiFi Dead Zones, Dead spots or slow zones where your WiFi router from your ISP simply falls short.

SAN ANTONIO – If you’re stuck or working from home and you have a spotty internet connection or dead zones around the house, Wi-Fi range extenders may be an affordable solution. Dead zone in small house Hello, there’s one room in the small house I live in where wifi signal is very weak. I have the internet 1000 plan and tried using a signal extender but the room continues to have speeds that are noticeably slower than the rest of the house (sometimes as low as.1 upload speed). Bad router placement. A lot of people just leave their router where the connecting wires come into.

Learn right now how to Extend WiFi to dead zones in and around your Home so these dead Zones will be a thing of the past. It could be a room, Garage or whole floor of the house.

Internet Dead Spot In House

Learn to spread your WiFi signal further to have more coverage with these tips.

What you will need?

In order to get rid of those WiFi dead spots around the house you will need all the following.


1.A existing WiFi router from your ISP.

Wifi Dead Zone In House

2. A WiFi Range Extender or Booster.

3.Time to set it all up.

Wifi Dead Zone In House System

Video Demonstration:

Wifi Dead Zone In House Service

watch the video or read the direction below, either will work.

How to Extend Extend WiFi to dead zones?

1.After purchasing and getting the WiFi Range Extender which is key.

2.Next setup it up, I suggest using the WPS setup option which is the easiest and most convenient.

The WiFi Extender will take the same name and password as your existing router.

3.Now plug the WiFi extender in a place half way between the WiFi dead spot or dead zone.

4.Your WiFi Signal should now go from poor to Excellent easily.

Congrats you can now browse the internet in more places around the house.

Wifi Dead Zone In House

Quick Tips:

  1. Your device should choose the network with the strongest signal to connect to always. If it does not while moving around the house simply turn WiFi on and off on your device and wallah.
  2. While its recommended that you plug the WiFi extender into a Wall outlet you can also plug it into a Extension to get it to where you want.
  3. Place the extender at a central location without obstacles.

My experience with this setup:

I use this setup to extend WiFi coverage over a very large house. Before only one half of the house had WiFi and the other half did not.


The WiFi range extender was able to bride the gap so internet could reach the further rooms and even the backyard.

Wifi Dead Zone In House

With a few more of these I could cover the basement floor and garage and even a upper floor no issues.


Before you Go

Believe me a Range extender is one of the best purchases I have ever made to add to my Internet setup.

In today’s world the worst thing is to be caught with limited WiFi range around the house. The idea of WiFi is the freedom from wires.

So if this was helpful share the article, any questions ask in the comments and check out more from this website at any time.

Wifi Dead Zone In House Fire


Wifi Dead Zone In Home

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