Swisstrack Bicycle Gps Tracker

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This tracker does not work - it is an overpriced piece of junk. All told it probably worked for max 2 days but even then it was inaccurate by about 100metres. Avoid buying at all cost as it is just not worth the headache. Thankfully I have got insurance for my bike because I certainly couldn't rely on this tracker! Swisstrack bicycle gps tracker review for best bicycle gps for navigation When bicycle gps price i’m no increase in the amazon hammers and non-mapping. 30 countries and re-install the new wheel, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get spoken directions for the racer does work bought for you. I am from Canada and have bought the Tracker for my bicycle recently. I go mountain touring and hiking in my freetime. I have a close relationship to my mountain bike:) So I don't want it to get lost or stolen! Thats why I have decided to buy the Swisstrack Bike Tracker. Just want to comment short: The Tracker works on 4G and GPS. I am from Canada and have bought the Tracker for my bicycle recently. I go mountain touring and hiking in my freetime. I have a close relationship to my mountain bike:) So I don't want it to get lost or stolen! Thats why I have decided to buy the Swisstrack Bike Tracker. Just want to comment short: The Tracker works on 4G and GPS.

Product Description

  • The only tracker in the world that is not visible from the outside.
  • Battery life: over 6 months
  • Battery: 12V 4600 mah (optional)
  • Stow in the bicycle frame unnoticed
  • Additionally suitable for car in fixed installation
  • Tracking app included: Access the position of the GPS Bike Tracker© from your Smartphone & Tablet
  • Allows the display of the routes covered, logbook, set alarms, and much more.
  • Use of the GEO fence technology: alarming when leaving a certain area
  • Shock sensor: Alarm on motion/shock (four levels of sensitivity adjustable)
  • Keeping an electronic logbook
  • GSM tracking (radio cell location), if no GPS signal available
  • Extremely easy tracking via Android/iOS App, Tracking Portal and SMS
  • Low battery alarm via SMS
  • ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE! (see scope of delivery)

Swisstrack Gps Reviews

GPS:5-15 meter
Dimensions:63 x 23 x 13 mm
Location:Dual: GPS, GSM if GPS not available
GPS queries:Android/iOS App, Tracking Portal and SMS
Battery life:up to 6 months
Theft Alarm:Vibration/movement sensor adjustable in 4 steps
Sound Alaram:Alarm SMS for noises in the environment above 45dB
Listening function:Listen to the surroundings at any time
Batterie Alarm:Alarm SMS with low battery level
GEO fence alarm:Alarm SMS when crossing the virtual fence
Temperature:-20℃ ~ +70℃
Frequencies:4G and 850/900/1800/1900MHz (all SIM cards worldwide)
GPRS Standard:Class 12, TCP/IP
Battery Charging:USB cable
Connection:to external battery
SIM card:Micro SIM (prepaid or contract)

Swisstrack Bike Gps Tracker

  • GPS Bike Tracker©
  • Android and iOS APP
  • Tracking Platform
  • Connecting cable Battery
  • instruction manual

Troja Bike is the first and only GPS tracking system that can neither be turned off nor removed by the thief. Troja Bike is fixed securely inside the bike frame and is extremely easy to operate. The battery lasts for a full biking season and can be recharged easily. The tracking works worldwide, we currently offer free GSM network coverage in over 40 countries.


In case of theft, Troja can locate your bike in adaptive intervalls to allow for live tracking over a long duration.


Single Position

You can request the current location of your bike at any time, even when it hasn't been stolen. So you could for example check if your kids made it safely to school.

Motion Sensor

Easily switch on/off the sensor when leaving your bike. You'll be warned via push-notification if your bike moves.

Best Gps Tracker For Bicycles

Service center

In case of emergency we can help you get your bike back. If you wish, we can directly interface with the authorities and local police will track your bike.


We work closely with local law enforcement units and insurance companies to provide unmatched service quality.

Private Investigation

We will not leave you hanging in case of emergency. We offer private investigation in supported countries* to actively help you get your property back.


Best Bicycle Gps Tracking Devices

Troja Bike can be used completely anonymously. You can create an account on your cellphone using only an e-mail address. You can add as many personal details about yourself and your bike, Serial numbers, insurance details and a picture of the bike help immensely in case your bike is stolen.

Global GPS

Troja GPS can work with all large global positioning services all around the world at incredible accuracy.

First, download the Troja Bike App from the App Store. Then simply connect your Troja to your phone by taking a picture of the accompanying QR-code that came with your tracker.

Secondly, simply install Troja Bike into your bicycle frame. It's extremely simple: remove the seat, drop the tracker gently into the frame and mount the seat again. Then use the Troja App to securely lock and unlock Troja Bike at any time.

Your tracker can be easily located via the Troja Bike App.

Swiss Track Bicycle Gps Tracker

The app displays the exact location of your or your child's bike at any given time. In live track mode, Troja offers tracking durations of up to 4 times as long as other devices on the market due to our sophisticated energy management system.

You can manage multiple trackers/bikes within the app, add details such as insurance policy numbers and emergency procedures.

The Troja Bike App will be available on Android and iOS, as well as on any webbrowser for business clients and fleet management.

In 2012 the brothers Marek and Adrian Rauko started to develop their idea of building their own GPS tracking system from scratch.

Adrian, who worked many years as a private investigator, often had to work with completely unreliable and complicated tracking devices. So one day, during an observation, he had the idea of just taking matters into his own hands and create a device that would finally meet his requirements and that would be easy to use.
That was the time that Marek, a studied electrical engineer and Head of IT at a large technology company, joined him to work together on the development of this tracker.

A few years and many working hours later, Troja for private investigators and public authorities emerged, the currently best non-military grade GPS tracking system available on the market.

Swisstrack Bicycle Gps Tracker Review

This sophisticated technology now serves as base technology for the development of an even smaller tracker for the consumer market, Troja Bike. Adrian and Marek are supported by a large team of hard-working helpers to make this project become reality.