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Posted By admin On 17/01/22
  1. FMS is up in the Rotate MD-11 After a few months of silent work, we can now show some screenshots featuring the MCDUs. Around 30 individual pages were put New screenshots of the MD-11’s cockpit.
  2. Work-in-Progress video of the Rotate MD-11. X-Plane 11 in-game footage with no addons.
  3. Rotatesim MD 11 Pilots has 760 members. A meeting place for pilots planning to fly the upcoming Rotatesim MD11 Rules are pretty simple, keep it clean and keep it on the Rotate MD11 and X-Plane. Intelligent discussion of Rotate v PMDG and other developers will be.

Aircraft developer Rotate has taken to the forums to share new progress with their MD-11 project as well as two new screenshots.

Please consider being my Patron here:you all for your support!-MD80 by Rotate start up procedures, hope you guys enjoy!-F.

Rotate Md 11 Update

Rotate states that whilst all major systems on the aircraft are complete there are still a few minor things to do. The development team is currently performing test flights and debugging issues with the aircraft.

Rotate Md 11 For X Plane 11

Rotate md 11 for x plane 11

Whilst they have made significant progress, Rotate states “that beta testing has not begun, but we are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel”


Rotate Md 11 Forums

Rotate is well known for their realistic recreation of the MD-80 in X-Plane, and have been working on the MD-11 since May 2017.

Development updates are shared on Rotates X-Plane org Forum thread, additionally, you are also able to track development on their website.

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