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Posted By admin On 18/01/22

Collect free mystery Skin Shards in League of Legends. Looking for an exciting new game to play? For a limited time only, grab a Starter Pack. Data sourced from Esports Charts. Prime League Pro Division 2021 Spring Season.

Prime Loot

League of Legends Prime mystery skin shard is now available through Prime Gaming.

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League of Legends players who have their accounts hooked up to their Amazon Prime accounts can claim their weekly skin shard now, keeping their fingers crossed to the RNG gods. Here is how to claim your free skin shard.

League of Legends Prime Mystery Skin Shard

To claim your mystery skin shard, head over to this link right here. Make sure your Amazon Prime account is linked to your League of Legends account so that after you claim your weekly skin shard, you can go right into your loot page in the League client and unlock the free skin shard.

Prime Login

The next available skin shard is going to be unlocked on Oct. 19th. Hopefully, for readers out there, your luck is much better than mine, as I have been given Arcanist Shaco for the third time during the skin shard event, a feat which I hadn't thought mathematically possible. To top it off, I had already bought that skin, because it is a great skin and playing Shaco is incredibly fun. Like I said, pray to the RNG gods, and maybe you can get the skin you actually want. Good luck out there.