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About NamPost Courier

Post office and Depot Price Guides You can view parcel delivery prices for services booked at a Post Office branch or Parcelforce Worldwide depot by clicking the links below. Remember, it's cheaper and faster to book your parcel online and drop off at a Post Office branch or depot, rather than arranging the delivery over the counter. Courier charges per kg starts from Rs. 190 per kg and goes till Rs. 1200 per kg depending upon the weight, country and commodity that you are shipping. Kindly select the country and weight in the form below or email us at [email protected] or call us at 902 to know the updated charges.

NamPost Courier operates in the market of express domestic delivery of parcels in Namibia, and is the biggest domestic courier company in Namibia. However, it also has cooperation agreements with international courier operators and is therefore able to move parcels destined for the international market.

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Courier Products and Services

  • Speed Post Courier charges in India. Indian SpeedPost changes based on Weight and distance. Rates based on weight and distance is summarized here. Speed Post Postal Rates in India. Weight Local Up to 200 Km 201 to 1000 Km 1001 to 2000 Km. Please verify details with any Post Office before sending parcels or visit Indian Post.
  • Our courier prices start from £4.80 for a two day service. The price you pay will depend upon the parcel’s weight and the speed of the service chosen. The Discounts are available if you drop your parcel at a Post Office branch or Parcelforce depot, or request delivery to one of these for your recipient to collect from.

• International door to door courier service. NamPost Courier collects and delivers parcels across the globe. • Express overnight parcel collection and delivery. We cover more than 60 overnight destinations in Namibia. • Easy Pack and Easy Box prepaid product for overnight domestic deliveries. These products are ideal for documents and small items. • Household furniture transport. • Economy service (Parcels delivered within 2 to 3 days. This service is a booking service.

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Our Fleet and Capabilities

Fleet management and maintenance is regarded as a top priority at NamPost Courier as the availability of well maintained vehicles is the driving force behind courier services.

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Routes and Estimated times

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Driving Schedule for Public holidays

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India Post Tracking Status

The Indian post office offers two types of mail services. They are domestic and international. The express mail service (EMS) is for international mail and the other mail like ordinary post are for domestic ones. Follow the step-by-step process below to check the status of India post tracking.

  • Mail Tracking Number: It is the consignment number printed on the parcel booking receipt.
  • Tracking Type: You need to select the speed post international option for tracking EMS parcel and domestic for tracking other parcel.Enter the speed post Article Number/Consignment Number/Reference Number/Post Office Tracking Number/Postal Tracking and click on the track speed post button. The delivery status will be displayed here.
  • Status via SMS: You can also track the mail/parcel status by sending an SMS message to 166 or 51969. The format of the message is POST TRACK <TRACKING NUMBER>.

You can also track the details of the courier on the official site, Check the IndiaPost for more information. Having a good information on the type of mails is very much essential as it will be helpful on what type of letter to send.

Types of Courier Service

There are quite a bit different types of mails that can be sent via the India post. Here the top 5 mailers are shown.

  • Speed Post: The popular and fastest means to send the letters and covers.
  • EMS: Send parcels to nearly 200 international countries.
  • Ordinary mail: Send documents which are not important. letters and postcards fall in this category which are sent regularly.
  • Registered letter: Official documents are sent and records are maintained as a proof.
  • Value added services: This is good for eCommerce solution which deals with COD feature.

About the Speed Mail Service

As the name itself indicates it is a speed service and the consignment is delivered within 2 to 3 days. This is a cheaper service compared to that offered by many reputed courier companies. Indian postal department maintains records about the letter status at each interval and updates the information in its database. Whenever the customer asks for the delivery status, it can be retrieved from its database store.


How Much Do Courier Services Charge

Advantages of Booking Speed Package

The speed courier offers many advantages over the ordinary one. However, the only con of this service is that the price is a bit high compared to that of the normal postcard.

  • The package is delivered quickly in less than 3 days across the country.
  • The documents are delivered with high safety and security.
  • The records of proof of delivery are maintained by the postal office.
  • The parcel is delivered to the mentioned address and in case if the addressee is not available, the mail is returned to the sender.

India Post Tracking Number Formats

The trackable number is different for each type of mail service. The below table shows the different formats.

Service TypeFormat
Speed Post (EMS) DomesticEE123456789IN (13 alpha numeric)
International EMS ArticlesEE123456789XX (13 alpha numeric)
Registered MailRX123456789IN (13 characters)
Express Parcel PostXX123456789XX (13 characters)
Electronic Money Order (eMO)123456789012345678 (18 digits)

Us Post Office Courier Service

Use the speed post tracking feature and know the status of your consignment. If you have any trouble in checking, then contact the Indian post office customer care.

Post Office Courier Charges From India To Singapore

Why Choose India Post Office

Post Office Charges For Letters

India post office has a good historical record. It's been there for many years when there no private mail services at all. It is a very cheap service that you can choose at the quality of what other leading courier companies are offering. It provides reliable services at an affordable cost. It has a wide reachability across all parts of India. One can even send a letter to a remote village in India.