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What makes Polar special is that we’ve built an integrated workflow so that you can read, annotate (make highlights, add comments, pagemarks etc), and convert anything to flashcards. You can then use spaced repetition to review your material directly in Polar or sync it to Anki. Anki 2.1.6 2.1.7 changed it's app domain name, so if you want to change the app nap for anki 1. Start the Terminal application. Execute the following commands in the terminal window: defaults write net.ankiweb.dtop NSAppSleepDisabled -bool true defaults write org.qt-project.Qt.QtWebEngineCore NSAppSleepDisabled -bool true 3. Polar – Must-have Anki Add-ons for Medical Students in 2020; Physeo – Top 10 Anki Add-ons to Increase Productivity; Shamim Ahmed – 5 Must-Have Anki Addons for Medical Students (Anki 2.0 and 2.1) Matthew Hawkins – Top 20 Anki Add-ons Best Anki Plugins to. Anki sync in the next version of Polar is being refactored to sync all documents in one batch.#polar #pdf.

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This allows you to sync flashcards created from annotations directly to Anki.

Polar supports a robust annotation system internally with features like text andarea highlights, and allowing comments and flashcards to be attached directly tothe highlights.

The key advantage is that this systems not only creates flashcards but keeps context associated with theflashcards.

The context is important. When using spaced repetition you don't want to forgetthe context in the future. You might forget about a topic or want to reviewand knowing the context is extremely important.

To get started, you need to add Anki Connect as an add-on in Anki. See deatils in the link but in essence, all you need to do is add Anki Connect's code to your add-ons within Anki.

Once that's done, you can sync all your flashcards to Anki by clicking the 'Start Anki Sync' in the top right corner of the app. Syncing only works from the desktop app, not from the webapp

By default Polar stores all Anki cards in the 'Default' deck.

You can change the deck per document by setting a tag with a deck: prefix.

For example, if you want to store things in the 'Technology' deck you justtag the document you're reading as 'deck:Technology'.

NOTE: In Polar versions prior to 1.8.0 we used a 'deck per doc' strategy wherea new deck was created per document. Not many users liked this and we removedit in 1.8.0. Technically it's still supported but needs to be re-enabled.


We now support sub-decks and these can be done with deck:compsci/linux forexample with a forward slash building the sub-deck hierarchy.

We replace it with the internal Anki :: but in Polar we want to keephierarchies represented by a forward slash.

Both cloze deletion and front/back card types are supported.

Cards also support rich text formatting (bold, italic, etc) as well as images.

Install the Anki Connect add-onand restart Anki. At this point Polar can sync to Anki properly.

Once Anki Connect is running, go to the overflow menu to the right in the navbarand select Start Anki Sync from within the Document Repository.


If you have any issues connecting Anki make sure you don't have a firewall inplace. Anki Connect runs Anki on a specific port and Polar needs to connectvia TCP to sync your flashcards.

International Users!

*IMPORTANT If you're using an non-English version of Anki you have tocreate note types for 'Basic' and 'Cloze' otherwise sync will fail. Changingthe language doesn't re-create the note types unfortunately. We're workingon a fix for this issue.

  • No current ability to update flashcards. Polar currently lacks a flashcardupdate UI so this needs to be added to Polar before we can implement this inAnki sync.
  • Anki must have Anki Connect. This will always be a hard requirement, but wemight create a Polar Sync plugin for Anki.
  • No support for nested decks. Each deck is created at the root. If you move itthe new deck will be created. We will have a fix for this in the future.
  • All flashcards are always sync'd each time. This is probably going to be slowerfor larger decks but we plan to implement differential sync in the future.
0.01MB. Updated 2021-03-07.



As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:
  • 2.1.0 (updated 2021-03-07)

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

This add-on previously supported Anki 2.0. You can download the last version supporting 2.0 here. As Anki 2.0 has been discontinued, no support is available for this version.


on 1620224145
on 1619279792
on 1618374489
Maybe now somebody can connect GoldenDict with Anki so that GoldenDict also looks up words in Anki collection.
on 1616620294
on 1614611885
good for python developer and js developer
on 1614594141
on 1614070273
This is awesome ~I'm learning Korean it really help me. I think it would be great if you add it to Morphman to let Morphman process the Korean context like this Japanese plug in: MeCab UniDic Japanese Dictionary (https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/13462835). It supports Morphman. Thank you so much
on 1612961725
Thanks for creating such an amazing tool for Anki!
on 1611938256
on 1611844135
Thanks! :)
on 1611202428
on 1610899873
so cool
on 1610553261
on 1610151317
Thank you very much. It's a fantastic tool for learning languages!!
At this moment, using the AnkiConnect addon, the Back Template of the card is not created well. But you can edit it and copy it from here: https://github.com/dobladov/youtube2Anki
I prefer to work on my listening, so I removed this two lines from the Front Template:
And put in the Black Template:
<hr id=answer>
on 1609587386
on 1609392847
on 1609249414
I cannot download the plug-in digitally. Is there an address to obtain the file directly?
on 1609105664Polar
on 1606241847
Thank you!
on 1605449590
on 1604696106
Makes anki run slowly for me, but this is yomichans fault. I have a large deck and it might be related to yomichans duplicate check
Had to start anki with Shift key held to disable all addons, then disabled ankiconnect. Everything besides ankiconnect is working fine now.
on 1604235867
on Polar Anki1603891454
on 1603620076
on 1603560750
Very nice way to integrate with other softwares. With vscode extension I can create cards without leaving my editor.
on 1603347145
I use AnkiConnect for connecting extension Online Dictionary Helper
on 1603140136
on 1602538056
Very useful for iterations with Anki via API.
on 1601176166
on 1600425742
I use it with a chrome extension creating cards has never been so fast
on 1599655137
on 1599323103
Incredibly useful
on 1597230701
on 1595462555
This add-on is fantastic but it will be greater if we can add not only a word but also a phrase or something like that
thank you very much
on 1594868585
on 1594610539
Invaluable tool for use with Yomichan. ありがとうございます
on 1594402033
on 1592955804
Because it's cool.
on 1592747937
on 1589515646
Great add-on!
on 1589149228
on 1588770654
Makes life so much easier.
on 1587919916
on 1587258876
Amazing and useful tool!
on 1586971470
on 1586951779
on 1586520367
on 1585810535
thank you
on 1585744674
Great plugin! Thanks!
I use it in my project:
on 1585484472
on 1583991053
on 1583896179
on 1583551763
useful! will yomichan for 2.1 come soon?
on 1582541176
on 1581868760
very useful.
Anki on 1581689104
on 1581614073
on 1578676250
on 1577640160
on 1575223134
on 1574631967
Works great! Thanks.
on 1574272590
on 1574158600
on 1573610342
on 1573512338
on 1573157557
Works great. I was able to integrate it into emacs's pdftools pdf reader and send the selected word directly to Anki.
on 1572111060
on 1571193792
doesnt work for me
on 1570053330
on 1568958591
on 1566566368
on 1565548485
Super cool!
on 1564127566
It's really helpful for making notes out side of the app.
on 1563461974
on 1562940586Anki
useful,highly recommend!
on 1561710436
on 1561102474
Great tool to automate some of the tedious things! Kudos!
on 1560947678
on 1560665846
on 1559932742

Polar Anki

Wonderful. But context.reverso.net does not work.
on 1559737842
very useful addon, I could use Emacs to create Anki cards, amazing.
on 1559612097
I combined it with Google search. It works great.
on 1559611561
on 1559150000
on 1558467209
looks great and the idea is brilliant! Hope it will support other languages as well in the future.
on 1557927429
on 1556731239
on 1556546431
on 1556190534
very good
on 1556037756
on 1555869572
on 1554937156
on 1554662809
good tool
on 1554496063
on 1554029127
Everything works!
on 1553944654
on 1553796104
works great, thanks
on 1552610650
mac 工具在屏幕最左上角 附加组件快捷键 command+Shift+A 点击第一个 获取插件 输入 2055492159 就行了
on 1552277462
on 1551516906
on 1551106218
on 1550344230
on 1550079342
It hasn't been working with firefox for three days now. I can't get the + signs in yomichan to show up for some reason.
on 1549963026
Mac users remember to change app nap as the below review says.
on 1549130665
on 1548920851
I think it's a great idea, and it gives a lot of freedom to augment/redesign Anki. Thanks!
on 1547820670
on 1547231603
I use it on my application that retrieves definitions and examples for words.
on 1546873743
on 1546759321
on 1546702683
on 1545832868
very useful
on 1545673061
on 1545352043
For Mac User
Anki 2.1.6 2.1.7 changed it's app domain name,
so if you want to change the app nap for anki
1. Start the Terminal application.
2. Execute the following commands in the terminal window:
defaults write net.ankiweb.dtop NSAppSleepDisabled -bool true
defaults write org.qt-project.Qt.QtWebEngineCore NSAppSleepDisabled -bool true
3. Restart Anki.
on 1545137472
on 1544951636
I use this with Chrome Yomichan extension and it works great. Has worked well since I first installed it over half a year ago. Thank you for the awesome add-on :)
on 1544444508
on 1542569320
Love this plugin.. We use it with Polar to sync flashcards form PDF books directly into Anki. You can read your PDFs and HTML content in Polar and create the flashcards there and then we use Anki Connect to transfer them to Anki.
on 1542202269
on 1542030950

Polar Anki Addon

on 1541305555
Great add-on. One drawback that I don't know if it's the fault of Anki or the add-on:
I can't figure out how to make fields keep new line characters when sending them to Anki. Adding both n and rn to the field doesn't result in Anki breaking the text up into lines.
on 1540726965
on 1539877667
This app is helpful
on 1539747739
Thanks so much!! This plugin helped me write this Hammerspoon Spoon https://github.com/ldanilov/AnkiShortcuts to add notes with simple shortcuts.
on 1539497575
on 1539359105
Great app!
And I'm so happy that there's a firefox extension. I've always been using chrome since I assumed the more niche extensions would never make their way to firefox. But this is the only 'killer' extension I need, and I didn't even check if it was on firefox lol.
Cheers for the good work.
on 1536927854
on 1536138792
Really useful
on 1535983279
on 1533817724
Very useful to automate add cards!
on 1530994716
on 1529215806
just very good

Polar Anki

on 1526428800
on 1525651200
The only 'approved' way to interact with the app after https://anki.tenderapp.com/discussions/ankiweb/1886-issue-with-saving-cards-via-rest-api
on 1525392000
Can't imagine building a vocabulary deck without AnkiConnect (+ Yomichan).
on 1524355200
on 1523491200
Great documentation, great add-on, thanks!
on 1521849600
This extension made it possible for me to make an emacs-based ui for anki! Thanks!
on 1520467200
on 1519344000
Thankyou let me save a lot of time as this add-on
on 1518480000
on 1514505600
Thank you for the effort, saves a lot of time for adding new notes!
on 1512000000
I have some ideal to use this API,
your add-on really save me a lots of time,
Thank you for contribute it.
on 1509753600
I'm sure this addon is awesome but
If you could speak in plain english what this add-on does, it would be quite helpful...
on 1505433600
Exception when requesting from AnkiConnect
I'm using last Anki 2.1 beta 15 and cot exception when trying default request:
curl localhost:8765 -X POST -d '{'action': 'deckNames', 'version': 5}'
Caught exception:
File 'C:/Users/VC/AppData/Roaming/Anki2addons212055492159__init__.py', line 889, in advance
File 'C:/Users/VC/AppData/Roaming/Anki2addons212055492159__init__.py', line 235, in advance
File 'C:/Users/VC/AppData/Roaming/Anki2addons212055492159__init__.py', line 250, in advanceClients
self.clients = list(filter(lambda c: c.advance(), self.clients))
File 'C:/Users/VC/AppData/Roaming/Anki2addons212055492159__init__.py', line 250, in <lambda>
self.clients = list(filter(lambda c: c.advance(), self.clients))
File 'C:/Users/VC/AppData/Roaming/Anki2addons212055492159__init__.py', line 159, in advance
self.writeBuff += self.handler(req)
File 'C:/Users/VC/AppData/Roaming/Anki2addons212055492159__init__.py', line 285, in handlerWrapper
resp += body
<class 'TypeError'>: can't concat bytes to str
on 1496102400
Incredibly helpful addition by a very responsive dev
on 1489795200
This is the add-on that's been keeping a bunch of Anki-related Google/Firefox ex
Not sure it the author would see it or not, but thank you for your work!
As a code-dummy,I don't know whether this is a beautifully written py. file or not, but sure to say that without it, a couple of Anki extension would be at great trouble.