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Microsoft Teams allows you to record meetings and download them to your computer or OneDrive. You can then upload these files to Transcribe to get an Automatic transcript and/or a subtitle captions file. A transcript is available on the desktop app in a tile labelled 'Meeting Transcript' or via Teams on the web. SEE: Microsoft's quantum cloud computing plans take another big step forward.


You can add subtitles or captions to any Microsoft Stream video during upload or after. You can also choose to configure your video so Stream generates captions automatically using Automatic Speech Recognition technology. For more information, see Autogenerate captions.

Captions are indexed and used by Stream to power deep search, helping viewers watch exactly what they need. For information about how to use deep search, see Search words spoken in a video.

  • You can't upload a caption file if you have selected to autogenerate captions.

  • You can't autogenerate captions if you have already uploaded a caption file.

Upload a subtitle or caption file to an existing video

  1. In Stream, find the video you want to edit (for example, through My videos, My channels, My groups or Browse)

  2. Click the pencil icon to Update video details

  3. In the Options window, upload Subtitles and Captions by selecting a language and uploading your file

View subtitles or captions

Subtitles and captions can be viewed with the video player on the playback page.

Download subtitles or captions

If you have uploaded a subtitle or caption file, or autogenerated a caption file, you can download the WebVTT file from the Update video details page.

If you need to make changes to the autogenerated transcript / caption, you can download the caption file and edit it in a text editor of choice before uploading it back to Stream, or you can edit the transcript directly in Microsoft Stream in the transcript window.

Get just the text from a transcript

At times you may want to get a copy of a video's transcript without any time codes, metadata, and extra lines.

Ms Teams Recording Transcript

Microsoft Teams Recording Transcript

Microsoft Stream doesn't have a built in way to do this, but you can download the transcript (as listed above) and use a simple web utility to extract the transcript text from your downloaded VTT file. This web utility allows you to pick VTT files from your computer and get a copy of the text portion of the VTT file containing just the transcript.

Ms Teams Recording Transcription

Web utility: Microsoft Stream transcript VTT file cleaner

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Microsoft Teams is one of the more business-orientated rivals to Zoom. It usually requires an Office 365 licence in order to be able to use it fully so as a result it is probably not intended by Microsoft to be a full competitor to Zoom, which is completely free if you don’t mind holding meetings or interviews of less than 40 minutes.

Word of warning – according to Microsoft’s own forum, there have been issues with Teams recording video as well as audio and problems once recordings have completed. Although it appears these have been ironed out since first reported, it may be worth running a test session before completing your intended recording..

How do you record Audio on Microsoft Teams?

Recording Transcript Free

Very straightforward.

  1. Start or join a meeting.
  2. Go to the meeting controls and select “More Options … > Start Recording. This will only be available if you are not a guest or from another organisation.
  3. To stop recording go to the meeting controls and select “More Options … > Stop Recording.
  4. At this point Microsoft Teams takes a very long time to process the recording and then saves it to Microsoft Stream.
  5. If you started the recording Microsoft Stream will send you an email when the recording is available.
  6. The recording continues even if the person who started it leaves the meeting.
  7. The recording stops when everyone leaves the meeting.
  8. If someone forgets to leave the meeting the recording ends after 4 hours.
  9. To play the meeting recording simply go to the Chat history in Teams and click Play. Teams will attempt to add closed captions automatically to your recording.
  10. To download the recording you will need to go Microsoft Stream, select … > Download original video.
  11. To send your video for transcription simply click our upload file option and send us your video. Options for upload are here.

Data Issue – Consent Needed from All Participants

Data protection issue 1 – everyone in the meeting will be notified that the meeting is being recorded, so essentially you will need to have consent from all participants. This may not always be desirable, especially if your meeting has 20 participants and one person declines to consent!

GDPR Issues – Recordings are Uploaded to the Cloud

Data protection issue 2 – some universities and other organisations have strict data security issues that require data to be stored solely within the UK and/or the EU. We understand from Microsoft that Stream data (which is where the audio and video recordings end up) is stored in local regions and one of these is the UK. However there does not appear to be a definitive answer that the data is definitely stored within the UK.

Video Capture Software

Microsoft Teams Transcript Download

If either of these issues are of concern you may be better using NCH Debut or a similar piece of software to record your meeting on Teams. NCH Debut is video capture software – ie it captures the Teams audio & video and anything else on your screen – and does not require consent from users. The data file of the recording stays on your local services and devices.

Ms Teams Transcription Without Recording

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