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The Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante or ‘Bandit’ version P1, is a turboprop aircraft with capacity 15-21 passengers, for civil or military use, developed by Brazilian manufacturer Embraer. Revamped and Optimized for X-Plane 11 Improved Flight Model for XP11 New PBR textures on both Interior and Exterior. DreamFoil Creations “Embraer EMB-110” by Angelique van Campen EMB-110 Review: Posted by SWFSG Admin at 08:27. Email This BlogThis!


November 10, 2018

Through their Facebook page, DreamFoil Creations have announced the development of the Embraer 120!

The Embraer 120 is a twin-turboprop, short-haul airliner, capable of carrying thirty passengers. 354 were built from 1983 through to 2001; the vast majority are in service in North and South America.

DreamFoil Creations primarily model helicopters, but also have an Embraer 110 available for purchase. You can check out their range through their website, and purchase their aircraft through the X-Plane.org Store.

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About an hour ago, the Dreamfoil EMB 110 is now also available for X-Plane 11. The airplane was already available for X-Plane 10 since June 2015. The now released version was published as a separate product and was completely rebuild for its use in X-Plane 11. So it has an improved flight model, PBR textures at the outside and the interior model and much more. It is also now VR-compatible and brings any new features. Furthermore Dreamfoil Creations promises a very in-depth replica of the aircraft. It comes with a very detailed model of the aircraft and an in-depth simulation of its systems. It is available for US $29.95 directly at the X-Plane.org Store.

More features of the Dreamfoil EMB 110

Embraer 110 (dreamfoil Creation)

  • Improved Flight Model for X-Plane 11
  • New PBR textures on both Interior and Exterior
  • VR-compatible
  • New exterior objects
  • All Systems simulated including all switches
  • “Disc effect” Simulation at the propellers
  • Failures simulation including:
    • Engine Fire
    • Over-torque
    • Electrical Failures
    • Landing gear
    • and much more…
  • Manual landing gear actuator
  • Laminar GNS430/530 includet
  • Realistic exterior and interior sounds
  • All horns simulated
  • Over 50 custom Sounds added
  • 3D directional sounds – Compatible with Rapture3D plugin (same used by codemasters)
  • Custom sounds for switches, buttons and circuit breakers
  • And much more!

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Dreamfoil Embraer 110 Jet

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