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updated 5/6/2021
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I also got one HP's LG BU40N with firmware BW40. It can't play 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray even the LG BU40N model is on the 4K UHD BD playback compatible list. I know 4K UHD BD's playback requirement & I have already had several Pioneer and LG drives played 4K UHD BD successfully. The requirements: - Intel 7th+ Gen CPU with HD630/UHD630/Iris 640+ iGPU. 'the proper firmware' meaning for it to work with MakeMKV. The BU40N is an official UHD drive with matching AACS 2.0 host certificate. Those dont work with anydvd, period no matter the firmware on it. Last time I checked at least, i clicked be wrong. But this is not an anydvd problem. That's a drive problem. As such, this it's'use on the wrong section.

MakeMKV now supports official UHD drives such as LG WH16NS60, LG BU40N and clones. but theses drives only work with older firmware such as 1.00 or mk firmware. these drives also have no sleep bug so no need to eject the disk if you pause a movie.

MakemkvNew!Bu40n Makemkv
Pre Flashed BU40N with BUFFALO USB case $170 Shipped (with firmware BU10 safe method)
I do not and will not sell desktop drives 25% of them like the Asus BW-16D1HT or LG WH16NS60 are defective and will get read errors on UHD discs
USB Cable Upgrades
USB C 3.0 Add $10
Remote Flashing ServiceBu40n
$25 per drive
Stock Levels

LG BU40N USB Available, 0 ready to ship, 8 incoming, 2 flashing and testing

Email me at [email protected] for details or questions
Remote Flashing/automated flashing

Confused about flashing your drive have the person who made the howto videos on it do it for you!
For remote flashing you will need a computer running Windows and to send me your makemkv drive info section and i will make an automated flasher just for you having your drive flashed in just a few clicks.
you pay after you see your drive can now read UHD Blurays in MakeMKV
if i am unable to flash your drive/drives there is no charge

Bd-re Bu40n Makemkv


I ship to the USA onlyLg bu40n makemkv
Shipping is included in the price.

there are many payment options listed below,
google pay

Lg Bu40n Makemkv

Do Not send paypal payment to my email only make a payment to the paypal link i provide when you email me
or your banks send money feature zelle
I will help you setup the Drive and do things related to the drive.
Important information to know

Bu40n Makemkv

1. In MakeMKV 1.12.3+ keys are automatically downloaded
2. to playback 4k disks on a pc you need an intel 6000 series or higher igpu, a nvidia 10xx series or higher for hw decoding or a very powerful cpu i7 4790k or higher for sw decoding.
3. if the disk is in hdr and your tv/monitor is not it may look washed out use MPC-HC with madvr or mpv to tone map so it does not look dull.
4. the firmware flash is not magic making the drive be able to read 4k disks will not make them play it you will still need to use make mkv or something else to decrypt the disk.
5. https://www.makemkv.com/forum/viewtopic ... 12&t=16883


  • “Single Drive Flasher” with GUI that works on Windows 10 (64 bit only).
  • Automatically performs required checks (Drive platform, encrypted firmware etc…)
  • Simple to use! Just select your drive and press START button!
  • No need for “remote flashing” or waiting on a flashing script. Simply download and flash your own drive whenever you are ready!
  • ***No waiting! Immediate download when payment made via PayPal***

  • (For Australian customers, payment via PayID is an option but may take up to 24 hours to process)

Compatible desktop drives:

ASUS BC-12D2HT / ASUS BW-16D1HT / LG BH16NS55 / LG WH14NS40 (NS50) / LG WH16NS40 (NS50) / LG WH16NS60

Compatible slim drives:

LG BP50NB40 (NB50) / LG BP55EB40 (NB40) / LG BP60NB10 / LG BU40N / LG WP50NB40 (NB50)

This product is digital software. It is a self-contained executable (approx 157mb in size) therefore, the only system requirement is that you have MakeMKV v1.15.1 or above installed for flasher to run.

Note 1: This product will not work for older WH14NS40’s & WH16NS40’s that have a manufactured date prior to October 2015 and are Drive Platform: MT1939.

Note 2: Your PC may show a “Microsoft Defender SmartScreen” warning when trying to run the application for the first time, due to it being a new application that has not yet generated enough download history. If you get this message, you can still use the application. In the message, just click “More info”, then click “Run anyway” and the application will run.