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This mid-range airliner is the most used in real life, and the most used in the X-Plane.

The Airbus A220 revolutionized aviation in 2016 when it made its commercial debut and now, three companies are looking to make it into a private jet for the ultra-wealthy.

  • Perfect 3D
  • Realistic FBW flight-model
  • Detailed cockpit

Important features.

  • Sharklet / Classic

    “Sharklet” / “Classic” Wingtips design (can be changed via MCDU MENU)

  • CFM56 / PW1100G

    CFM56 Engines (3D model of PW1100G also included)

  • Ground Equipment

    Animated TOW, GPU, Catering, Stairway and Fuel Track.

  • 3D sound

    Advanced 3D-sound engine - an easy way to customize soundest and build your own sound effects.

  • Traffic support

    You will see traffic aircraft from X-Life Deluxe plugin at your Navigation Display.

  • Free liveries and paintkit

    Download liveries from Liveries board. Add your own liveries! More than 100 liveries for free.

  1. Rutan Model-158 Pond Racer - Test-Pilot Project.
  2. Airbus has a new private jet for sale. The Airbus Corporate Jet 220, also called the 'TwoTwenty,' is the private jet version of the popular A220 airliner.A step above the likes of Gulfstream.

Requirements. Important notes.

Read this BEFORE you spend money. Please list from left to right.

A220 X Plane
  • X-Plane 10.51 - 11.00, with HDR mode ON, CPU: 2,4Ghz Multi-core. Memory: 8 GB RAM. Video Card: 2Gb VRAM. 64 bit OS (Windows 7 / Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.9-10.11), high-precision joystick, rudder pedals, throttle controller (separate throttle controllers not support now). For good performance, you need 3Gb Video Card, at least like Nvidia GTX780Ti or ATI analog. Compatibility with future versions of the simulator has not been tested.
AirbusScroll upBy [email protected] (Thomas Pallini) of Business InsiderAirbusA220 X Plane

The history of the Airbus A220, the controversial plane Boeing tried to keep out of the US

  • The Bombardier CSeries was meant to be a game-changing aircraft. Produced by the Canadian aircraft manufacturer, it was its first foray in the 100-to-150-seat market.
  • Though initially successful with sales to major airlines, the program was turned upside following a trade dispute with Boeing.
  • The aircraft program was taken over by Airbus as a result, with the aircraft renamed the Airbus A220.
  • Bombardier has pulled out of the venture entirely, leaving it to Airbus.
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A220 X Plane 11

David Neeleman unveiled the name and image of his new airline, Breeze Airways, earlier this year and the first rendering of the aircraft that will be powering the operation: the Airbus A220.

It's the first time that Neeleman — a long-time Airbus fan — will use the aircraft in any of his airlines, largely because it's still relatively new to the world's skies. In just under a year, the Airbus A220 went from being largely unknown in North America to operating passenger services for some of its largest airlines.

Delta Air Lines first started operating the aircraft in the US in February 2019, with Air Canada following suit in the aircraft's home country in January 2020. Already with a foothold in Europe with Air Baltic and Swiss International Air Lines, the aircraft is now commonplace in the skies of North America with Delta and JetBlue preparing to welcome the latest and largest variant: the A220-300.

Though its name suggests otherwise, the A220 wasn't another success story of Airbus, but of Bombardier, a smaller manufacturer located just outside Montreal, Canada that aimed to take on the duopoly dominating the market.

Bombardier had already dominated in the regional aircraft market, with its Canadair Regional Jet series aircraft flying for airlines all over the world, as well as strong representation in the private jet market with its Learjet, Challenger, and Global aircraft. But the Canadian manufacturer decided to set its sights on a larger type of aircraft, one that can seat up to 150 passengers.

It would be larger than anything Bombardier had produced before and would make it the target of Airbus and Boeing, as it would later find out, but had the potential to be a game-changer and unlike anything else currently in the works.

Airbus A220 X-plane 11

This is the story of the aircraft formerly known as the Bombardier CSeries.

A220 Xplane

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